Secrets To Divine Manifestations

What if what you are praying for was actually looking for you? What if it was all in the Bible Holy Scripture this whole time but you could not see it? What if what you are seeking was seeking you? What if what you are seeking to manifest is a greater version of you that is seeking to meet you?

Discover the seven secrets to Divine Manifestations with theirs prayers, affirmations, and perspectives. 

This book is considered the mother of all the books written by Spiritual Teacher Alain Dagba. After 40 days of fasting on nothing else but water, searching for the real answers to life's most important questions, this book was born out of the teacher.

The most profound revelation in this book which is the result of his meditation is the truth that God is the ultimate dreamer in every soul. This book reveals in-depth the mysteries and the symbolism of the Bible as well as the origin of mankind and why God incarnated in the human body for the earthly experience by creating humans in his image and likeness.

The affirmations, the prayers, the poems, the reflections, the quotes, and the seven secrets in this book will take you into a profound and extraordinary adventure about who you are, the innate powers God has given you--as pure awareness, and how you can heal every part of your life with your mind and the supreme energy of your heart called love.

Teacher Alain has explained how during and after his fasting he was no longer able to fit in any church doctrine due to the magnitude of the truth that was revealed to him by the Spirit of God which were way above the teachings of most traditional churches.

As you read this book, prepare to soar high in spirit. Teacher Alain Dagba covered almost all aspects of life such as the mind, the heart, the body, the power of thoughts, the power of feelings, the creative power of imagination, faith, speaking in unknown tongues, the laws of the universe. the world of energy, relationships, personal development, vision, dreams, connection with the indwelling Christ, and much more.

The book opens one's eyes to understand the Bible in a practical light. This is a very simple and clear writing that requires that one takes time to ponder and meditate on the revelations brought forth with so much power by Teacher Alain Dagba. As you begin to read this book you will find it very hard to put it down.