Bundle & Save - All four Oils of the Bible Class Materials


We recommend laminating multiple copies for yourself to use over and over again at your classes instead of costly tear pads. So what's the return on an investment that you can use multiple times?

It will never expire! These are historical uses, so it's already old! It will never need to be updated. That means you can use it again and again without any additional investment! 

Oils of the Bible:
(For use any time of the year)
  • Class Handout (39.95 value)
  • Online and printable class invitation (10.95 value)
  • Powerpoint Presentation (29.95 value) *Updated to include helpful speaker notes! 
Gifts of the Magi:
(For use during October-December)
  • Class Handout (39.95 value)
  • Online and printable class invitation (10.95 value)
  • Powerpoint Presentation (29.95 value) *Updated to include helpful speaker notes! 
Oils of the Resurrection:
(For use during Lenten, Easter Season)
  • Class Handout (39.95 value)
  • Online and printable class invitation (10.95 value)
  • Powerpoint Presentation (29.95 value) *Updated to include helpful speaker notes! 
Ancient Beauty Secrets:
(For use anytime of year, but great for Mother's Day)
  • Class Handout (39.95)
  • Online and printable class invitation (10.95)
  • Powerpoint Presentation ($29.95 value) Includes helpful speaker notes!

Everything you'll ever need to teach any version of Oils of the Bible is in this bundled Special, valued at over $300 for $99.95! They never expire because the information is already thousands of years old! It's also FDA compliant because it's being taught from a historical perspective. Non-branded. Price subject to change without notice. 

About the author:
My name is Rachel Carter, and I'm the author of this material. You may have seen me in the documentary Ancient Secrets of Essential oils. That’s because in 1996, I graduated from the Word of Life Bible Institute In Schroon Lake NY in Systematic theology and Bible survey—a perfect foundation for teaching Oils of the Bible. For nearly four years, I've researched Hebrew and Greek texts and taught many people how oils were used throughout scripture--historically, prophetically and scientifically. In fact, we successfully created an organization of over 4,000 oil users with the help of this training, and I'm excited to share these materials with you!

Have you wanted to share your faith through your oil classes? Have you wondered if there was any prophetic significance of oil usage? Do the Hebrew and Greek text share insights beyond what we can gather from the English pages of our Bibles?

These were the answers I set out to uncover. These training tools will deepen your faith as you understand prophetic and profound truths beyond these ancient gifts.

We built our essential oil business to one of the top leadership ranks of our company with these resources and believe you can too. But one thing we can promise...your classes and your understanding of oils and God’s Word will never be the same!

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