MW740 Interzone JazzOrchestra - Transylvanian Grace

Hi-Fi Download (flac format) from Not Two Records.

1. Ouverture [03:14]
2. Armenian Prayer [10:03]
3. Life In Two Parts [08:05]
4. Sirba [01:43]
5. Joane, Joane [06:16]
6. Lambada From Oltenitza [06:24]
7. Miniature No.2 [00:53]
8. Copsa Mica Mormolog [02:29]
9. Send Back My Wife [05:20]
10. Doina [05:25]
11. Munedoara Castle Ghost [02:25]

Maurice De Martin - drums
Mircea Tiberian - piano
Adam Pierończyk - saxes (right side)
Vladimir Karparov - saxes (left side)
Horst Nonnenmacher - double-bass
Daniel 'Topo' Gioia - percussion
Marta Hristea - voice

The music on this album wants to reflect the great musical heritage of Romanian and especially Transylvanian folklore. The traditional songs are taken from the "Lautari" and vilagers' repertoire, which you can still hear on weedings celebrations and in the village bars around the Carpathians The original compositions are written under the strong sensual impressions of our mutual trips through the Transylvanian highlands in the years 1997-2000. Enjoy the Music!
(Maurice de Martin / Mircea Tiberian)