MW991 Alexander von Schlippenbach / Dag Magnus Narvesen - Liminal Field

Multiple format audio download with the entire content of the album in two formats:

1) Hi-Fi wav (44,100 khz, 16-bit, stereo) format with complete artwork in pdf.
2) Hi Quality (192kbps) Mp3 format with art cover in jpg.

1. Relay Extempore – Trackside Duologues I / Kinga
2. Reveries in Monochrome – Trackside Duologues II / Strings and Barrels
3. Morphing Monk – Variations over Light Blue, Work, Trinkle Trinkle and Skippy / Sic Transit
4. Brass Tacks – Vantage Ad Lib / All The Things You Are / Trackside Duologues III / Something Sweet, Something Tender / Eisenbahn Epilogue

Alexander von Schlippenbach – piano
Dag Magnus Narvesen – drums

Recorded live at Spor 5 in Stavanger, Norwey on 3rd March 2018