MW1004 Conference Call - Prism

Multiple format audio download with the entire content of the album in two formats:

1) Hi-Fi wav (44,100 khz, 16-bit, stereo) format with complete artwork in pdf.
2) Hi Quality (192kbps) Mp3 format with art cover in jpg.

1. F.J.D. (Gebhard Ullmann) 6:18 
2. Prism (Michael Jefry Stevens) 5:39 
3. Listen to Dr. Cornell West (Joe Fonda) 12:55 
4. Variations On A Master Plan (Part 2) (Gebhard Ullmann) 6:39
5. Sal’s Song (Michael Jefry Stevens) 9:04 
6. The Bee (Joe Fonda) 7:54 
7. Zeit Lupe (Gebhard Ullmann) 5:40

Eebhard Ullmann – tenor saxophone, bass clarinet 
Michael Jefry Stevens – piano
Joe Fonda – bass
Dieter Ulrich - drums