Marketing to Successfully Grow Your Business

Is Marketing Biblical?
That is often the question we get. A lot of the marketing all around us we know is just puffery – one person saying, “I’m better than anyone else,” wanting to appear as a special celebrity for their product or service. As Christians in business we want our business to be a blessing: to reach out to others with God’s love as an expression of our faith.

We wonder: “If I market do I reduce that biblical impact? Will people simply see me as more of the same in the world of business?” They might. It depends on how you do marketing and how you present yourself and your product or service. Do you tell the truth? Do you slam your competitors with your own pride? Or do you look for upright ways to show why you are better than the others and why people should buy from you?

This book is useful to help you think through the deep issues of marketing. To decide how and when to market. It provides you with a grid to write out your plan, determining the costs and what you can afford. Finally to practically develop the timing to impliment your plan.