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"If you follow me on social media or sites like looperman, here is the latest BONUS stuff like PARTS2 you can download! I will try to update this pack every few days! Older files are packed in "PARTS2 packs". Thanks for support!


East Dagger PART2 PART3
Sky Life PART2

Carlo Mansion PART2
Party Pop STEMS (this is how i structure my premium loops)
Slight Touch PART2
Dusty Line PART2
Lupo Stoner PART2
Cold Heart PART2
Glock Deal PART2 / PART3
Frost Land PART2
Horn Victory PART2
Black Benz PART2
Lambo Truck PART3 / PART2
Chase Run PART2
Past Days PART2
Tell Her PART2
Mars Landing PART2 / PART3
Rack Bag PART2 / PART3 / PART4
Shady Deal PART2
Spit That PART2
Ground SHaker PART2 / PART3 / PART4
(Follow) The Boss PART2
New Knight PART2
Chopper Lane PART2
Pain Bet PART2

Vine Taste PART2 / PART3 / PART4
Cobra Dance PART2
Bad Lands PART2
Under Sight PART2

Recoil Shot PART2
Shadow Road PART2
Steam Hot PART2
Wild Panda PART2
Ball Steal PART2
Diamond Gliss PART2
Swing Wind PART2
The Kind PART2
Stone Throw PART 2 / PART 3
Telling Sin PART2
Mucho Gusto PART2
She Nasty PART2
Pot Hot PART2
Salame Story PART2
Wrecked Keys PART2
Roll Tape PART2
Circus Road PART2

U can find older parts in PARTs2 packs Vol. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Check them out if you didnt find your part!

~ nofuk

This pack is ROYALITY FREE for profit use on beatstars / spotify etc! Major placements / releases must be cleared with nofuk. Contact via IG or [email protected]