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"If you follow me on social media or sites like looperman, here is the latest BONUS stuff like PARTS2 you can download! I will try to update this pack every few days! Older files are packed in "PARTS2 packs". Thanks for support!


Ghost Lands PART3
Forge Melt PART2 / 3
Stash Mate PART2 / 1 / 3
Yellow Lambo PART2
Night Cruise PART2
Purple Card PART2
Ritmo Lambda PART2
Hay Bale PART2
Bale Ron PART2
Bell Dumbo PART2 and PART3
Porto Santo PART2 and PART3
Equal Rights PART2
Sheriff Stone PART2
Rubber Thoughts PART2
Melty Brick PART2
Beatle Juice PART2
Walking SLug PART3
Ghost Town PART2
Cherry Bonsai PART2
Missing Place PART2
Boat Flight PART2
Planet Orion PART2
Cola Sugar PART1 / 2 / 3 + stems
Orange Crab PART2

ONE SHOT PLACES and V2 loops made with my upcoming ONE SHOT pack PLACES.

~ nofuk

This pack is ROYALITY FREE for profit use on beatstars / spotify etc! Major placements / releases must be cleared with nofuk. Contact via IG or [email protected]