Bikini RLL,RL,RLL 8 Colors.png  Not used .
Bottoms RL,RLL,RLS 7 colors.png
Sugar Sizes RL.RLL,RLS  7 Colors.png
Outfit Pack RL,RLS,RLL,
Sparkle Flares 8 Colors .png Sizes RL,RLL,RLS
Attitude Tops Size Perfect 8 colors.png
Attitude Skirt RL,RLL,RLS 8 Colors.png
Becky RL,RLS,RLL,  7 Colors.png
Alya Pants RL,RLL,RLS, 6 Colors .png
Ap Bottoms .png  2 Styles
Ap Tops 9 Colors .png
Tonight Outfit RLL,RL,RLS 5 Colors .png
Dawn Top 10 Textures.png
Sis 3d Bottoms ap 10  Colors.png
Bibirasta Top Mesh 10 colors .png
Deception pants AP 8 Colors .png
Camo outfit AP 2 Styles .png sizes RLS,RL,RLL,
Night Outfit .png Sizes RLS,RL,RLL
Ap Tops 7 color textures .png  size perfect , slim
Camo skirts RLS,RL,RLL 6 textures .png
Imvu flare jeans ap 3 styles
Imvu tops GA
Imvu ap bottoms 8 Colors .png
Sis 3d Jeans ap 4 colors.png
xmas Tops 8 colors.png
Xmas Pants RLS,RL,RLL 8 colors.png
Limited Imvu Skirt RLS,RL,RLL 7 Colors.png
Sis3d Bottoms 10 color textures 2 opacity
Megan Tops AP & GA 7 Color textures.png
Imvu Basic Ripped Top 7 Colors.png Plus--.psd
Imvu Tops Only 6 Color textures .png Limited Time only.
Imvu New instants
Christmas Flares AP 13 Textures.png
Christmas Flares 7 colors .png
Mini Shorts GA 6 Colors .png LIMITED TIME ONLY SIZES RLS , RL , RLL
Ap Tops 9 color textures .png
Christmas Outfit AP 6 colors .png RLS, RL , RLL ,
Xmas Mega Pack .png.jpg
Imvu Vest AP  11 Textures .png
Denim RL Mini Skirts 6 Textures .png
Sis 3d Open Jeans ap 4 colors .png
Sis3d Bodysuit 6 colors.png
Male Jeans 2 .png only LIMITED
Male Pants .png only LIMITED
Imvu Mega Pack Ap Tops BIBIRASTA Mesh 9 colors .png Plus .Psd
Sis 3d Pants AP..... Psd File
Bottoms Fits Sis3d Bottom Mesh 8 textures .png Plus FREE GIFT
Imvu Tops Ap 7 Styles .png
Imvu Tops 10 colors .png AP-GA
Bikini Top & Bottoms 11 color textures.png LIMITED
Sis 3d Jeans ap 5 colors.png
Ap Tops 11 color textures .png plus 2 .psd
Sis3d Realistic  High Waist Jeans
Mega Pack instant addons



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