Nifty Date Picker - For MS Access

This "Calendar Control" / "Date Picker" uses new, advanced techniques to make a simple a cleaner solution for MS Access developers.

There are quite a few "Date Pickers" out there, but this one's Novel in that it doesn't need both a form and a module, it is just a Form. The other advantage of my "Calendar Control" / "Date Picker" is the code is new, just created, and hence I understand it quite well! In other words if you want to modify the date picker to do something different, then it's going to be very easy. I will provide instructions on how easy it is for you to add buttons to go to specific dates, and how do other things with the "Calendar Control" / "Date Picker" - just let me know what you want to do with it, and I'll see if I can come up with the code.

Watch this space because the next step I intend taking is combining this "Date Picker" with a special class module which gives you some very unique features. I also want to combine this "Calendar Control" with another Form I created it few years ago, which allows you to simply and easily create the "Between Dates" part of an SQL Statement. This form simply and easily pops the SQL in to your SQL Statement with no hassle.

The technique I employ which avoids the necessity of a separate module as used by the older "Calendar Control" / "Date Picker", could just as well be employed with the Legacy "Calendar Control" / "Date Pickers" and indeed I have already adapted some of them.

I will post Upgrades to the "Calendar Control" / "Date Picker" on my website here:-