Winning the War in my Mind
General Principals of Giving
Being a Faithful Giver
Christ is Our Strength
GOD is Faithful
Only Believe
Ive got the Holy Ghost
New and Improved
New and Improved Summation
X-Men of GOD
The Power to get through it
Recognize Your Worth and Walk in it
Handling Temptation
'Ready for Takeoff'
A Promise of a Change of Scenery
Believe Again
The Lord is Good
Do I Have the Spirit
When GOD gives you a Chance
The Testimony of an Angel
Seeing my Leader Correctly
A True Leader
Just Different
Im the One
If you Wait, Angels are Coming
I am Going in Knowing Who I am
Knowing When No is Necessary
Victory without the Battle
Defeating Depression
Make it Rain
Commitment Makes a Difference
Living According to Covenant
Sacrifice of Thanksgiving
Get up, Get over it, and Move on
The Love of GOD
Connected to GOD
Survivors Story
Donkeys to Destiny
Im Coming Out
Neighbor I See You
The Trinity
GOD is No Respecter of Persons
When GOD is Waiting on You
Play to Win
Pursue, Overtake, Recover
We Have seen Strange Things today
Out of the Box Worship
For Better or Worst




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