NC05: 50 Shades of Neuroplasticity: It's Not All or Nothing

Date:  5/14/19, recorded live during NeuroChats, Spring 2019 series.
Length: 1:28:25
Size: 2.11 GB

With a little tongue in cheek, Jean and Claire discuss how to keep yourself rooted in reality while using neuroplasticity on things like mold exposure, Lyme disease and multiple chemical sensitivities (and more). The idea that there can be one "magic bullet" or treatment have kept many people on a treadmill of trying, trying, trying! Staying "in the grey area" can be a key factor to finding wellness.
Enjoy our discussion about how important it is to see things on a continuum, and to acknowledge the reality of unwholesome factors. There is a happy medium, a place where we acknowlege acute toxins, exposures, illness and symptoms - but address the mind-body connnection and the role the brain and all it's complexity plays in healing as well.

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