Anti Virus Frequency - Immune System Booster - Cleanse Infections, Virus, Bacteria, Funga

The current media events are producing a panic-mongering in people's minds that weakens the immune system. Through numerous scientific studies, it is known today that stress and fear weaken the immune system and thus give viruses and pathogens the opportunity to cause damage. This session is to calm you down.

We have also included special frequencies in this session that help strengthen the immune system. Among others 10.5 Hz, 528 Hz, 20 Hz and 146 Hz.

During this session you will be brought into a state of relaxation for the first few minutes and later your system will be flooded with energy.

Listen to this session to rid yourself of viruses, pathogens and parasites and also strengthen your immune system. Drink plenty of water. Always listen to this session completely. Don't hear this session before bedtime.