Perceptions of Pre-Service Teachers As They Relate to Professional Practice

JAASEP SPRING SUMMER 2014- ABSTRACT - The purpose of this study was to explore the beliefs and concerns of pre-service teachers as they relate to professional practice during their practicum experience. This study took place in a minority-serving university in the Southwest. All activities were conducted during one academic semester and held during the weekly on-campus seminars. The participants were a convenience sample of 13 pre-service teachers enrolled in dual licensure programs (elementary/special education and secondary/special education). Pre/post surveys, interviews, and focus groups were used to triangulate the data. Responses to questions posed during focus groups, interviews, and questionnaires were explored thematically. The results indicated that pre-service teachers maintained a positive attitude toward their students, projected an understanding of their students and their disabilities, and recognized the challenges that students with disabilities face. Authors: DR. EMILY WILLIAMS, DR. ELISSA POEL, DR. MIGUEL LICONA, DR. ELSA ARROYOS & ALMA MERAZ-RODRIGUEZ