Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals - (JAASEP) WINTER 2020


JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Transition Programs for Individuals with Disabilities: A Post-Secondary College Experience Leading to Greater Independence in Life and Work
Karen H. Feathers and Deborah E. Schadler

Use of Shaping to Overcome the Fear of Entering a Restroom: A Case Study of a Preschooler with Autism
Suja M. George and Tamara Soemali

The Effects of CRA/CSA Explicit Instruction for Students with and without Disabilities Taught in an Inclusive Setting
Vanessa Hinton, Anna Gibbs, and Toni Franklin

Cultural Issues: Treating & Diagnosing ADHD
Noe Ramos and John Lowdermilk

The Impact of Social Communication on Employment Success for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Beth Clavenna-Deane, Mary Pearson, and Blake Hansen

Hopes and Hurdles: Parents’ Perceptions and Experiences with Transition Planning for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
Jason Robinson and Tracy Gershwin Mueller

How Early Experiences in Cognitive Development Improve Working Memory and Processing Speed Skills of Children
Heather Dube and Sarah Sarette

Instruction in Co-Taught Secondary Classrooms: An Exploratory Case Study in Algebra 1
Margaret P. Weiss and Wendy Rodgers

The Effects of Relationship History on Student Responding in an Academic Setting
Regan Weston, Tonya Davis, and Abby Hodges

A Brief Primer of Three Major Counseling Theories for Use by School-Based Personnel
Samuel F. Whitley

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