A Pilot Examination of the Adapted Protocol for Classroom Pivotal Response Teaching

ABSTRACT - Pivotal Response Training (PRT) is a naturalistic, behavioral intervention with a strong evidence-base that is designed to increase generalization and maintenance of responding in children with ASD. Although special education teachers report using PRT, little research to date has examined PRT use in the context of community school programs. There is some research to support that teachers have challenges implementing PRT with fidelity in the classroom. To address this issue, a research community partnership was used to adapt PRT specifically for classroom environments. The pilot project used a multiple baseline design across training groups to examine 20 teachers’ use of Classroom Pivotal Response Teaching (CPRT) with students with ASD in special education settings. Results indicated that teachers learned the strategies after a relatively brief training period that included coaching, were satisfied with the training and adapted materials, and that use of CPRT was associated with improved student engagement.