Table of Contents

  • JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers
  • What Parents Tell Their Post-Secondary Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities about Money
  • The Perceived Effectiveness of Using Mindfulness as a Strategy for Special Educators in Coping with the Stress of their Work Environment
  • The Influence of Introductory Coursework on Preservice Teachers’ Sense of Self-efficacy Towards Teaching in an Inclusive Classroom
  • Insights Gained from Special Education Pre-Service Teachers Interviewing Paraprofessionals
  • Experiences of Special Educators in Creating Opportunities for Students to Practice Self-Determination
  • Examining the Effectiveness of Fidgets on Attention of Elementary Students with ADHD
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Cross-cultural Variability in Personal Identity
  • The Development of AISSEND: An Observation Tool to Assess Inclusive Practices
  • Exploring Factors Related to Burnout among Special Education Teachers in Specialized Schools
  • Services for Young Children with Disabilities in Romania in the Post-Communist Era
  • Progress in Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Saudi Arabia: Evaluating Status
  • Author Guidelines for Submission to JAASEP
  • Copyright and Reprint Rights of JAASEP