If I Die Tomorrow…. What You Need to Know Today

As psychologists, we have heard the tragic and unfortunate stories from too many people about the untimely death of their loved ones. Whether it is a husband dying from a massive heart attack, a parent killed in a car crash or a spouse diagnosed with cancer and passing away in just a few months, one theme remains common—A loss of control that creates frustration, anxiety, fear, depression and an overwhelming sense of panic.

We thought about how much easier it would be for our loved ones if there were a personalized book that laid everything out for them if we were to die. 

The purpose of If I Die Tomorrow…What You Need to Know Today is to help families be prepared for the inevitable reality of death at any time.  It is not a book on death or the grieving process, rather it is a book that you create that lays out everything your family will need to know should you pass away. 

This is really a gift to your family so that if anything should ever happen to you, your family will know exactly where everything is, what your wishes are and lays out very specifically how they can manage all of the bills, paperwork and have the right contact people in this very difficult time.

If I Die Tomorrow…What You Need to Know Today can be the most important book a person purchases, as it has the potential to impact lives in so many positive way. In the end, do you really want everything you know to die with you?