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Social Skills for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities - Can Community Instruction Help?
Responding to the Endrew’s Decision: Measuring Meaningful Educational Benefit
Effects of Video Modeling + Prompting & Reinforcement-on the Daily Living Skills- Student with ASD
The Impact of Assistive Technology on Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review
Increasing Use of Research-Based Practices: Action Research Report
Educational Policy: Instruction and Assessment
Common Purpose, Uncommon Results: A Literacy Collaboration for a Preschooler with Down Syndrome
A Whole Language Reading Intervention: A Case Study
Using an Alternating Treatment Design in a Co-taught Classroom to Measure Student On-task Behavior
Supporting Students with Disabilities During Group Activities: 5 Tools Inclusive Math Educators Need
Social Skills & Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities: Can Community Based Instruction Help?
SPRING/SUMMER 2018  - Journal of the American Academy of Special Educational Professional (JAASEP)
If I Die Tomorrow…. What You Need to Know Today
Mindfulness Meditation with HS Students who Receive Sped Services- Research Recommendations
Student Engagement in an Online Special Education-General Education Graduate Program
Disabilities and Social Engagement: Inclusive Classroom Preparation for Pre-Service Art Teachers
Autism Support Teachers’ Attitudes about Inclusion for Children with Autism
Effect of Video Modeling on Preschoolers Learning Who are Diagnosed with ASD: Meta-Analysis
Academic Experiences of Students Who are Deaf at the University of Education, Winneba, Ghana
Matching Students to Augmentative and Alternative Communication: A Single Case Study
Factors that May Hinder the Implementation of the School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention
Supervisory Teacher Coaching in K-12 Classrooms
Evaluating the Validity and Reliability of a Student Self-Advocacy Teacher Rating Scale
Alternative Approaches to IEP Conflict: A Review of the Literature
Effects of Activity Schedules on Challenging Behavior for Children with Autism
STRETCH (Students Ready To Make Change): Making a Difference in the Lives of Students
Are We Practicing What We Are Preaching? Eval of Self-Determin Instructional Components in IEPs
Preparing Preservice Teachers for Inclusive Classrooms-Survey of Teacher Education Faculty
Let’s Get Parents Ready for Their Initial IEP Meeting
Strengthening Social and Emotional Intelligences Through Writing
Implementation of a Post-Secondary Inclusive Recreation Program
Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals (JAASEP) Fall 2017
Assessments for Students with the Most Significant Cognitive Disabilities
NASET Q & A Corner Issue #80 Academic Assessments and Students with Disabilities: ESSA Fact Sheet
Variables Affecting the Amputees’ Reactions Artificial Limbs in the Kingdom of Jordan
Pre-service Teacher Self-Efficacy for Teaching Students with Disabilities : What Knowledge Matters?
Pre-Service Teachers Assisting the Transition of the Student with Autism from School to Adulthood
Preparing Early Childhood Educators for Blending Practices in Inclusive Classrooms
Examination of Social Story Format on Frequency of Undesired Behaviors
Understanding Parent Knowledge & Strategies They Use to Foster Collaboration with Special Ed Teams
Teachers’ Pedagogical Competence in Adapting Curricula for Children with LD in Primary Schools-Ghana
Mothers’ Perspectives and Experiences of Speech Generating Devices
How Early Experiences-Kindergarten Classroom Shape Development of Self-Regulation Skills of Children
The History of Behavioral Treatments in Autism: From the Punitive to the Positive
The Every Student Succeeds Acts (ESSA): Academic Assessments and Students with Disabilities
What Parents Need to Know About Cyberbullying
Social Narratives as an Evidence-Based Practice to Support Employment of Young Adults with ASD
Managing Asthma in Elementary and Middle Schools: Adherence to Federal Laws and National Guidelines
Teachers’ Methods & Sources of Info on HIV/AIDS for Students w VI in Ghana Schools
Effectiveness of Pearson’s SuccessMaker Mathematics for Students with Disabilities
Case Law Outcomes - US - Autism and IDEA - Transition Issues &  Diagnostic Evaluation Criteria

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