Individual Education Plan Considerations for Online Learning: Accommodations
Empowering Refugee Families of Students with Disabilities
Visual Performance to Incr Teacher use of Behavior-Specific Praise among HS Sev. Disabilities
Challenges to Collaboration, Inclusion and Best Practices within the Special Education Community
Playgrounds for “All” Children
Constructivism, Zone of Proximal Development and Target in a Multi-Dimensional Classroom
Inclusive Book Club: Perspectives of Undergraduate Participants
Effects of Physical Activity on Executive Function of Children with ADHD
Student Voices: A Qualitative Self-Awareness Study of College Students with Disabilities
A Pilot Study of a Self-Determination Curriculum on Secondary Students
Effects of Mass Trials vs Distributed Trials During Story Reading for  w Mod to Sev Disabilities
JAASEP - SPRING/Summer 2020
A Brief Primer of Three Major Counseling Theories for Use by School-Based Personnel
The Effects of Relationship History on Student Responding in an Academic Setting
Instruction in Co-Taught Secondary Classrooms: An Exploratory Case Study in Algebra 1
How Early Experiences in Cognitive Dev. Improve Working Memory & Processing Speed Skills of Children
Hopes & Hurdles: Parents’ Perceptions & Experiences with Transition Planning for Students with ID
The Impact of Social Communication on Employment Success for Adolescents with ASD
Cultural Issues: Treating & Diagnosing ADHD
Effects of CRA/CSA Explicit Instruction for Students with/without Disabilities in Inclusive Setting
Use of Shaping to Overcome the Fear of Entering a Restroom: A Case Study of Preschooler with Autism
Transition Programs-Post-Secondary College Experience Leading to Greater Independence in Life & Work
Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals - (JAASEP) WINTER 2020
General Educator Perceptions of School Support in Teaching Students with an IEP
Theory to Practice: Implementation Achievements and Challenges of RTI in a Rural District
Perceived Effectiveness of Classroom Management Interventions with ADHD
Overcoming Adapted Physical Education Barriers by Collaboration among Special Educators & Admins
Augmentative and Alternative Communication in Classrooms: Special Education Teacher Competences
The Changing Role of the Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf: A Snapshot of Current Teacher Perceptions
How Parents of Students with PANDAS or PANS Perceive the Educational Process
Services and Supports for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
What Challenges do Special Education Teacher Encounter Preparing New Special Education Teachers?
Systematic Review of Video Modeling Interventions to Improve Living Skills of Students with ASD & ID
Evaluation of the Rhythmic Arts Project, Multi-Modal Intervention, School-Based in Children with ASD
An Investigation of Co-teaching to Improve Academic Achievement of Students with Disabilities
But… How Helpful is That?  Parents’ Views on Helpfulness of Resources When Making Education Decision
Exploring Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of Preparedness to Teach Students with Disabilities
Challenging Behavior in Students with an Intellectual Disability
Creating Self-Efficacious Special Educators through Mentoring during Teacher Preparation
Addressing the Need for Progress in Special Education- Understanding Endrew F. & Special Education
Exploring the Effects of the AutisMate Application on a 12 year-old boy with ASD:  A Case Study
An Assessment of Perceived Antecedents to Attitudes of College Students towards Children with Autism
Developing Culturally Responsive Transition Plans Using the Indicator 13 Checklist
Use of Projective Techniques in Emotional Disturbance Evaluations
JAASEP SPRING-SUMMER 2019 (Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals)
Poverty and Learning: The Effects of Poverty in the Classroom
Perspectives on Current Practices and Barriers to Training for Paraeducators of Students with Autism
Social Skill and Self-Advocacy Goals: An IEP Study
Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities: Characteristics of Universal Design of Instruction
Building Independence Through Self-Prompting with Technology
Increasing Teachers' Use of Behavior-Specific Praise with the Teacher vs. Student Game
Investigation of Special Education Preservice Teachers' Perspectives & Practices of STEAM Education
Mobile Hearing Screening in a Rural Community School in Ghana

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