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We’ve enjoyed putting our hearts and time into creating and developing since 2009.
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Terms & Conditions:
Our work is limited for creating the file, The use of the product is up to the creators.
and we have no concern or controle on it, and must be following our terms and conditions.

Imvu and other vitual life game
All our products in sellfy and online are for your personal use on imvu and other vitual life game catalogue
You can use our textures on any products you wish to create on imvu and other vitual life game.

GA, AP Product controle is under creator.

• Creators and Seller of File Sale on Degital stores (Sellfy, Shoptly, Payhip..)
For some of our Exclusive or limited products we offer:

Normal Resell right:
You have all right to sell our products under conditions

Master Resell right: You have all right to sell our products our products under conditions

Master Resell right Exclusive: You have all right to sell the products no conditions

Find our latest products with resell right:

• Private Request Custom include Master Resell right Exclusive
Products that you may order by sending us a design so we will draw it for you and the products is exclusive for you and include Master resell right Exclusive (You can use it anywhere and claim it as yours, You can Sell it as file sale and give the right to your clients to sell it again)

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When you purchase any products from our online NAMMINLIZ stores you can use it on your alternative imvu accounts just let us know ^  .  ^

The work may not be reproduced or resold without the express resell right from NAMMINLIZ

As a condition of use of our products and servcies, you promise not to use our services and products for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by our terms and conditions.

NOT to abuse, harass, threateh, impersonate or intimidate any person
NOT to defamate offence infringes any copyright or other right of any person

All our products are not refundable as they are instant digital download files.

Copyright Notice
© NAMMINLIZ all rights reserved
We take our work seriously and will take immidiate action for all types of scams., file steal..

Please to contact us for any additional require,  we will be happy to assiste you.

Thank you