BOBCUT#006 "Pinky Girl Gets A Bob for The First Time"
BOBCUT#005 "Sweet Girl Gets A Sweet Bob"
BOBCUT#004 "Bob Hairstyle for Beautiful MakeUp Artist"
BOBCUT#003 "Worker Girl Wants to Get An Undercut Bob"
BALD#002 "Shy Woman Gets Extreme Haircuts and Shaved by Her Husband"
EXTREME#001 "Shy Woman Wants to Get An Extreme Bowlcut"
BOBCUT#002 "Shy Woman Wants to Get Extreme Bob"
BOBCUT#001 "Student Girl Gets A Drastic Hair Makeover"
BALD#001 "Happy Woman Gets Headshave in Barbershop"


We produce haircut videos from Indonesian girls. Instagram: abinahru Facebook: yudhi.arnantyo Email: [email protected]


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