Room Miscellaneous

Bushes & Trees IMVU Textures
Book Cover Textures IMVU
Rumbling Skies_ IMVU
Bed Linens IMVU Textures
Pillows_4 IMVU Textures
Sunrise Skies_2 IMVU
Sunrise Skies IMVU
Variety Cushions Textures IMVU
Cabinet doors, drawer and panel textures IMVU
Sheet Sets and Pillows IMVU
IMVU Mesh Room Numbers
Waterfall Textures IMVU
Love Sheets and PillowCases IMVU
IMVU Books Textures 3 with opacities
IMVU Sunrise to Sunset Skies
Dark Skies IMVU
IMVU Starry Curtain Panel Textures
IMVU Metallic Fall Pillows
IMVU Room Mesh Numbers 00-100
IMVU Texture Pillows Leather Variety Colors
IMVU Textures Books Version 2
IMVU Textures Rock Pack 2
IMVU Textures Rock Pack 1
IMVU Textures Bubbles
IMVU Book Textures
IMVU Textures Dark Wood 3
IMVU Beaded Wall Curtains
Dark Wood Texture Pack 4
IMVU Textures Dark Wood 2
IMVU Textures Dark Wood 1
Dark Wood Furniture Textures
IMVU Mesh Number Textures 00-100
IMVU Silk BedSheet Textures

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