E Aural Trainer - COMPLETE - Premium

E Aural Trainer is a video training course to prepare for Graded Music Exams of the major music schools such as ABRSM and Trinity.

AURAL TESTS are possibly one of the most feared parts of an ABRSM exam, but they needn't be. With good preparation you can be confident of getting a good mark in this section of the exam.

That's where E Aural Trainer can help you. Unlike the official ABRSM app for ipad "ABRSM Aural Trainer", these videos are more than just mock tests as you would get in an ABRSM Aural exam for example. They are "training" videos with helpful advice HOW to pass each specific requirement.

Try our comprehensive FREE SAMPLE training videos HERE

If after trying these free samples you want further practice, take your Aural Training to a new level with our Premium Videos for Grades 1-8 Aural. Over 4 hours of extra content not found on YouTube!!

You can even CHOOSE YOUR PRICE the minimum is ONLY £2.99 for each Grade Package, or £9.99 for the complete set, Grades 1-8, but any extra "tip" is greatly appreciated.


...as a Patron of MusicOnline UK, in addition to a host of other benefits such as FREE SKYPE/WhatsApp SUPPORT on any music exam related topic. Monthly Patronage costs LESS than the price of one of the grade packages below and you can cancel at any time. More details at https://www.patreon.com/musiconlineuk

Take YOUR AURAL TRAINING to the next level with 

 E Aural Trainer - Grades 1-8 COMPLETE - PREMIUM

Also available on this site - Individual Grade packages for £2.99 each

Check out our complete range here: https://sellfy.com/musiconlineuk

(and unlike the ABRSM Aural Trainer for ipad it won't cost you £7.99 per grade or the Playnote Auralbook for ABRSM app which will cost you £11 to upgrade to premium)