E Aural Trainer - Grade 6 - Premium

E Aural Trainer - Grade 6 - Premium.

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Take YOUR Aural Training to the next level with E Aural Trainer - Grade 6 - PREMIUM. Includes 6 NEW EXTRA training and practice videos not available on YouTube.

  • Clapping the Rhythm and Recognising the Time Signature. PREMIUM
  • Indentifying Cadences for Grade 6 Aural. PREMIUM
  • Singing the upper part for Grade 6 Aural - PREMIUM.
  • Describing the character of a piece - Grade 4-8 Aural. PREMIUM
  • Recognising the style and period - Grade 5-8 Aural. PREMIUM
  • Sight Singing with accompaniment for Grade 6 AURAL. PREMIUM