Strange Boutique - Easter Island ep
Monica Richards - Kindred - Full Album
Monica Richards - The Book of Annwyn
Monica Richards - The Garden Booke of Ghosts
Monica Richards - ANAFAE 3 - Dreams of Dragons
Monica Richards - ANAFAE - Liber Duex
Monica Richards - ANAFAE - Liber Prima
Monica Richards - The Little Red Book of Poetry
Monica Richards - The Muse Inward - Book of Poetry
Faith and the Muse : tatsu : ep
Monica Richards - Naiades - Full Album
Monica Richards - Infrawarrior - Full Album
Monica Richards - The Strange Familiar e.p.
Faith and the Muse : ankoku butoh : Full Album
Faith and the Muse - shoumei - DVD Soundtrack
Strange Boutique - The Loved One - Full Album
Strange Boutique - The Kindest Worlds - Full Album
Strange Boutique - Charm - Full Album
Madhouse - self-titled - full album plus bonus tracks


Best known for her musical work as half of the critically acclaimed duo, Faith and the Muse, and her own solo releases, Monica is a composer, writer and artist.


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