Medical Disclaimer: Do not substitute our programs for any medical treatment that you are seeking, we make no claim of medical value, usage, intended usage, cure, diagnosis or replacement for medical attention from an appropriate medical professional is expressed or implied for any of the programs made available by Mind Pro Labs or created by Fabio Siccardo and his team. By downloading or using these programs, you agree that you understand that these programs are not designed for, intended as a replacement for medical treatment or diagnosis, nor are they intended to be or act as a cure for anything. There is no expressed or implied statement that these programs are designed or intended to act as anything more than an aid to achieving the stated goal, and should be used in that capacity only. Before using any subliminal program designed to do anything that could impact you physically, mentally or emotionally, you are advised to consult the appropriate medical professional. Do not use these programs if you have been diagnosed with a serious mental or emotional disorder or disease unless you have direct medical permission to do so and medical supervision while doing so. You accept full responsibility for the results of using these programs in any unreasonable or inappropriate manner, including (but not limited to) at unreasonable volumes or any volume above that resulting from proper calibration.   Delivery: You understand and agree that you will be getting downloadable .mp3 and in some cases, zipped files only as a result of your purchase, and that no physical media shall be provided to you, now or in the future.Please use a program like WinZip or WinRar. If you have any problems, we will help you out, Just send us the name of the program you purchased along with the email address and the invoice number. We will get to you in 1-3 working days. If we are there in the office, you will get immediate attention. Please click CONTACT to get in touch with our support team. The files will be sent from sellfy.com or Sendowl.com automatically to your email address. If you do not get the link, please check out your spam folder. Responsibility of Care: After 30 days from your date of purchase, it is your sole responsibility to take appropriate care that you make and keep sufficient backup copies of the programs you download after purchase, and Mind Pro Labs is not required to provide you replacement copies as a result of loss after your initial download. When possible, and as part of our commitment to excellence in customer service, Mind Pro Labs will endeavor to provide access to replacement copies as requested even after the initial 30 days, as deemed reasonable by Mind Pro Labs. We reserve our rights to disable the downloads of anyone trying to acquire the programs by any illegal means like using stolen credit cards or charge back attempts. Such people will be black listed and blocked from downloading any programs from us. If there are any problems, please feel free to CONTACT US. Usage Policy: You agree to use these programs with all necessary and due diligence towards the safety of yourself and that of others. You agree not to use these subliminal programs more than 21 hours per day, or around people who do not know or consent to being exposed. You agree to avoid exposing children to inappropriate or unsuitable content, or allowing such content to get into the hands of or possession of minors, or be used by minors. You agree to follow the volume calibration instructions, and always use the program at a reasonable and safe volume at all times. Copyright: You understand that these programs are copyrighted material, and therefore cannot legally be shared, given away, re-sold, rented, leased, financially profited from the public or private display or playing of, traded, published, or “pirated” without breaking copyright law. You understand that some programs may contain anti-piracy measures, and that the program may not function as expected or advertised if you knowingly use, make, distribute or allow others to knowingly use, make or distribute “pirated” (illegal) copies of the program. You also agree not to use, make, distribute or allow others to knowingly use, make or distribute “pirated” (illegal) copies of the program. General Disclaimer: You agree that by downloading and/or using any subliminal program created by Fabio Siccardi and Team Mind Pro Labs you accept all responsibility for the use of and results of using all programs you purchase from Mind Pro Labs, and that you therefore agree to hold harmless Mind Pro Labs, it’s owners, management, employees, contractors, affiliates and payment processors for anything at all that you experience from using, or think you experience as a result of using, any program you get from Mind Pro Labs or any program created by Fabio Siccardi and Mind Pro Labs or made public by or through Mind Pro Labs, and that your sole recourse for any damages, actual or otherwise, is a refund for the full purchase price of the program, minus any third party processing fees. Refusal of Sale: Mind Pro Labs reserves the right to refuse and refund any purchase order without delivery of the product ordered, for any reason, without revealing the reasons for refusal to accept a purchase order. If a purchase order is refused or rejected, a full refund will be issued within 15 (fifteen) business days of the order purchase order. Manipulating unwilling participants subliminally We do not recommend anyone to purchase our subliminal programs to be used to manipulate anyone who are not aware of the fact that they are being manipulated by our programs in any way. Please do not approach us to make custom subliminal programs to brainwash or manipulate anyone, if you do, you will be black listed and all communications will be blocked and we will also try to block you from purchasing our programs. Mind Pro Labs Privacy Policy Mind Pro Labs values your trust. Part of how we endeavor to earn your trust is by respecting and protecting your privacy. When you do business with us, we respect and protect your privacy in the following ways. Doing business with us through our Internet store, we only collect your email address, IP address, account credentials to our store, and what you purchase. We use encrypted form of payment. We do not have access to, nor do we collect or store your any of your financial information. All purchases are completed through trusted third-party off-site payment processors. This information is only used for responding to customer service requests and compiling purchase statistics for the whole of our customer base (not statistics that track or reference any specific person individually) which allow us to improve our service. When you contact us, we receive only the information you supply. We do not have access to anything else. It is only during payment, the payment gateway checks IP and it is mainly done to prevent frauds from purchasing our programs by illegal means. The information you share through your e-mails to us is only accessible to Mind Pro Labs administrators. We do not use e-mail addresses sent to us through contacts initiated by you for adding to our mailing list. To be added to our mailing list, you must sign up for inclusion at our Internet store. Unless we are legally required to do so by court order, we do not share any private information you give us with anyone who does not have access to your e-mails within our business when you contact us through e-mail.
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