Zen Mindset 2.0

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Zen Mindset is something that can be described as the way the mind sees the world with a new perspective. A clearer vision that does not let language, emotions or labels define it. According to Neuroscience research and experiments, practicing a Zen Mindset can actually calm your mind and bring in more clarity and wisdom.
Developing a Zen Mindset allows your feelings, perceptions and thoughts to be what they are without any judgment. You become an observer.
Circumstances and situations are just occurrences that mean nothing until we place our own subjective ideas and emotions onto them. How we choose to focus our attention shapes how we experience a given situation. We must invite our thoughts and feelings to the forefront so we can learn from their wisdom. This is very different from suppressing them or impulsively reacting to them. Many people turn to things like drugs, gambling, food, work, sex, or people-pleasing to suppress whatever feelings and thoughts they want to ignore. As soon as a negative emotion stirs up, they react emotionally rather than respond thoughtfully. However, mindlessly going into action allows the negative feelings to continue; over time, the accumulation of these feelings can become overwhelming, and the addictive behaviors that you may turn to for comfort may actually make the situation worse. When acting from a Zen mindset, you relax the negative thoughts and feelings by listening closely to them. Ultimately, this reduces your anxiety, because instead of being fearful of pain, you accept it as part of life. This then allows you to be more focused, relaxed, and attentive to yourself. This practice isn't about trying to get rid of anything; it's about accepting whatever is there. Our subliminal program contains powerful affirmations to help you reach the Zen Mindset.

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