ISX 2.0L

Irresistible Sexiness 2.0L
(For Lesbian Women)

Do not use this program if you are below 18! And adults who use this program please be aware that this program can draw the sexual interests from the opposite sex or people who are sexually attracted towards you, which includes people below the age of consent. So you are completely responsible for your actions. We are no way responsible if you misuse it.

Type A

Have you ever wished you had this aura of irresistible sexiness? That raw irresistible charm that attracts the attention of beautiful lesbian women and makes them crave to want you to rock their world? That aura that is present around you that captivates them and makes them lust after you?
Irresistible Sexiness 2.0L is a much more powerful and updated to 2.0 format. Previously, Irresisitble Sexiness was available only for Heterosexual Men, but some of the affirmations had been borrowed to build 'Become The Sexiest Woman'.
This is a program that suddenly saw a lot of interest in the past few months, which encouraged us to develop this program further. The feedback we got from the users who volunteered gave us encouraging feedback.

The previous generation Irresistible sexiness was a module derived from Super Sex Magnet v1 (For men) and 'Sensual Goddess' which focused on making you irresistibly sexy to men. (Sensual Goddess is the female version of Super Sex Magnet v1 and v2) The focus or target for this program is to make you irresistibly attractive to beautiful Lesbian women. Many affirmations have been revised, replaced and the order rearranged. We also introduced a brand new technique we had developed for SAM2.0 and SAF2.0 (Super Alpha Female) and SSM 2.0 for making all the affirmations focused on different things work together as a team and bring better results.

Please do not confuse this with the 'Irresistible Sexiness' modules on SAF 2.0 or Become The Sexiest Woman.

This has more affirmations and is focused on achieving just what the title says.
We have now included updated affirmations to help you overcome approach anxiety (it does not contain the entire script of 'Overcome approach anxiety'), improve flirting skills and Seductive Feminine tone.

If you would like to test this program, you can simply test the online version of sexual magnetism.

This subliminal program is focused on drawing the beautiful woman/women of interest towards you to make a move on you or initiate a sexual encounter with you.
This program is designed for Lesbian women who are over 18.

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