Super Awakener

We would like to start the New year with a brand new type of program that is beneficial to everyone.

This Program is designed to help you wake your brains like a strong shot of Espresso would. Please make sure you do not listen to this on the same day while listening to any of Type A programs like Super Alpha Male/Female.

The program does not contain any affirmations. Instead, it contains the optimal Binaural beats with different ranges to help you feel more energized. The Binaural is then combined with soothing and relaxing music complemented with natural sounds of flowing water and the sounds of morning birds.
You can listen to this music at any time of the day/night when you are feeling sleepy, drowsy or tired.
The program is designed to make your reach the maximum state of alertness and awareness and help you to become productive as soon as possible.

Most people, listening to this for just 30 seconds is enough, it's that effective. You just need to listen to it once or twice a day, but please take a break of at least 2 hours before starting the next session. We made this deliberately just 10 minutes long because that's more than enough for most people.

Please do not use this program if you have any serious health conditions.
You may not need to use this every day, please use it only when you NEED to and do not put this in a playlist and keep playing when you don't need to use it.

Please use a set of headphones/earphones for the best results.