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Subconscious Mind
You never get what you want, you get what you think you deserve.

Its what we think we deserve we get, It’s not the universe or other people blocking us from our wishes.

So how does someone get rid of this unwanted baggage?

It starts with being aware of what’s really going on. Unpacking those blocks and looking at them face to face with a mission to heal and shift into abundance.

Your subconscious blocks are the limiting beliefs, self-doubt and sabotaging patterns that you have placed on yourself that act as an energetic block for abundance to flow. While the conscious mind works to rationalize your thoughts during the day, the subconscious mind works 24/7 and it simply accepts whatever we imprint upon it. It’s really the boss in charge of your mind!

This means to create more abundance and manifest your dream, you have to dig deep to the core of what’s really holding you back.

Your Subconscious Mind is your best companion and your worst enemy.

Limiting beliefs can cause one person to not progress in life and get the best out of it. It may have been caused by forces beyond their control but the cycle of self-sabotaging thoughts is not going to let the person get the best out of life. Most people have some sort of subconscious blockage or the other but its the level or the extent of these limiting thoughts that dictate a person's life.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind
Your subconscious mind is one of the most powerful tools you have with you and it is infinitely faster than your conscious mind. Take your reflexes for example. If something comes close to your eyes, you have already found a way to protect yourself even before your conscious mind can decide. Have you been daydreaming while you drove and still reached the destination? It was your subconscious mind that was at work!

Subconscious Blocks
The symptoms of subconscious blockages can come in any form.

From finding a way to sabotage yourself under any situation to finding friends or surrounding yourself with people who don't let you progress in life.

These blockages may have been caused by past experiences you had in life, or it may have been simply passed on to you unwittingly by an elder who also had a limiting way of thinking.

How To Remove Subconscious Blocks
With this powerful subliminal program, It is possible to remove the subconscious blocks easily.

The core points where this subliminal program focuses are

.Remove Self Limiting Thoughts.

.End Self Sabotage.

.Remove Fear of Failure

.Let Go Of The Past

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