Alpha Male Charm 2.0 MX Part 2

We welcome you to this brand new subliminal program designed to make specific changes to the structure of your body.

This program is Part 2 of the Alpha Male Charm Series.

Please do not confuse this with 'Become The Most Handsome Man or Sexiest Man'

Those programs are designed to tap the power of your subconscious mind to help you look more handsome or sexier by asking your mind to instruct your body to do whatever it takes to make you more handsome or sexy. But this program has affirmations for specific changes. Continue reading to understand more.

This program contains affirmations to help you get the optimum shape of the perfect male body that naturally makes you stand apart as an Alpha Male.

You can listen to both parts on the same day.

This program is designed to do the following changes.

Grow Taller
Maximum Production of Human Growth Hormones to facilitate Growth.
Optimized Testosterone Levels.
Alpha Male Body Structure.
Get Broader Shoulders.
Rock Sold 6 Packs.
Metabolism Booster and Shed Extra Weight.
Optimum Waist Size. (Body Height - Weight Ratio)
Work Out Motivation.
Lean Muscular Body.
Strong, Muscular and Perfect physique

This Part 2 Version Contains Extremely powerful affirmations to help you make those changes.
If you want to speed up the changes, you may need to do your bit by exercising and affirmations to boost your motivation to exercise can kick in if you lack the motivation to exercise.

This program was in testing for the past few months, it's only after encouraging results, we are putting on sale.

While part 1 can be used by men of any age or race, part 2 may not effective for men of all ages. If you are older than 26 and if your growth plates have been fused for a long time, this program will be quite slow to make changes such as height. But you would like to test it, please feel free to go to our YouTube channel and by clicking the HERE and try it for a few days.

We decided to divide this program into two parts to help you get much faster results.

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