Manifest Your Perfect Friends With Benefits 2.0 | Unisex

This is a unisex Program.
The affirmations have been modified and rearranged for better results and rendered in 2.0 format
We created this program based on the principles of the Law of Attraction. We had a couple of emails from few subscribers, at first it was created as a custom subliminal, but since we got few more people requesting we decided to launch it. It has been a hit. Based on the feedback from the previous customers, we have developed it further. First, this program is designed to help you make choice or take actions to manifest your perfect  friends with benefits.
Second, manifest circumstances that help you to potentially meet your perfect friends with benfits and it is up to you to escalate it to a physical relationship.

The speed or results can vary from one person to another.

You can click on the link below for more details.