We present you the perfect stepping stone to Super Alpha Male/Female and Sexual Magnetism foundation.

While Super Alpha Male/Female, Sensual Goddess and Sex Magnet (the paid version of Sexual magnetism for men) have been very successful programs for most, few listeners had problems to get the best of them.

We did not see this coming, despite the fact that the programs had very powerful Affirmations to remove negativity and past issues.

This premium version contains over 2000 affirmations.
I advised some of them to listen to ‘LET GO OF THE PAST’ and few months and that seems to have done a lot to shave away the negative episodes that may have happened in the past that are causing blockages for new ideas to replace old useless ideas.
We had been very hard at work for the past few days to address the issues that these few people have been facing as some of them are our very loyal clients. This meant we had to delay the launch of a few other programs. We under estimated the number of negative issues and trauma one may have faced, especially in the developed world. This program is not meant just for them. This program will do wonders for others too, especially for those who are not aware of the blockages they have been having within themselves. This program can be used as a foundation for other powerful programs we will launch in the near future. Below we have mentioned the core areas where this program focuses.

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