Destroy Guilt, Shame and Fear 2.0

Enjoy more freedom from past!

Type B

Destroy Guilt, shame and fear is one of the pillars of our alpha series programs. This is one of the most powerful subconscious blockage removing subliminal programs and it is now available separately in 2.0 format.

If you are going through a depression or anything similar to it, please stay away from this program until you find some emotional stability. This program is much more powerful when you listen to it separately and it will bring out a lot of unpleasant memories to the surface initially but you will feel better in few days.

This is potentially a life changing subliminal program that is designed to permanently destroy any and all guilt, shame and fear in your mind and replace them with goodness that helps you make big progress in your life.

.Experience more joy and freedom
.Forgive yourself and others
.Discover newfound energy

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