Harness the power that is hidden inside you by listening to this program and helping yourself recover the Masculine Energy that you are blessed with.

Napoleon Hill’s self-help classic, Think and Grow Rich, is how many individuals first learn about sexual transmutation: “Sex transmutation is simple and easily explained. It means the switching of the mind from thoughts of physical expression, to thoughts of some other nature.” Sexual Transmutation:
From Pleasure to Willpower Expressing sexual energy through sex and desire dissipates this energy. That is, sexual energy goes in one of two directions: out through the sex organ or up into the higher energy centers.
The basis for sexual transformation is to take your sexual energy and channel it into a higher energy center. If a person lacks willpower, there’s a good chance that their sexual energy is leaking out via excessive sex, masturbation, stimulation, desire, worry, or overthinking. It’s, for this reason, we have made this subliminal program. For young men in particular, if they can channel their drive for sex and woman into their professional work, they increase their willpower to realize their goals and achieve more.

Apart from affirmations for controlling and channeling your sexual energy, the program has a few tricks up its sleeves in form of modules taken from other subliminal programs to deliver faster results without having to wait till you reach the right state of mind to be able to harness the benefits mastering your sexual desires. Below you can find the list of the modules from where we have borrowed affirmations to help you get the best results.