*The MP Hair Challenge* -- Rapid Hair Growth Root Stimulator
Unlock Your Creativity/Tap Into Your Hidden Talents/Learn New Skills Easily
Broader Shoulders/Widen Shoulders (Males)
Tame Excessive Bloating & Constipation/Regulate Bowel System
Unlock your Psychic Abilities
Health Boost (for the body)
Feel Happy. Be Happy.
Hair Regrowth
Healthy Eyes
Mood Control: Alpha Female
Love Connection: Attract Your Soulmate
Goodbye Sinus
Enhance Eyesight
Change your Eyeshape: Upturned Eyes
BAN Cellulite!
Stallion Stamina (Males)
Tummy Tuck
Extreme Fat Burner (Unisex)
Stop Smoking
Reverse Time: Anti-Wrinkle (Neck Toner)
Fuller & Shapely Breasts
Long Luscious Eyelashes
The Butt Booster (Relaxed version)
Arm Toner & Tightener
Deepen Voice: Develop a Masculine Voice
Decrease Feet Size: Have Smaller Dainty Feet
Let Go of Baggage
Grow Long & Healthy Nails
Verbal Lyricist: Increase Verbal Intelligence
Mood Control: Crowd Dominance
Hollywood Smile: Pearly White Teeth & Healthy Gums
Estrogen Boost
Vanish Under-Eye Dark Circles
Eye Modification: Lighter Eyes
Thick Long & Shapely Eyebrows (Unisex)
Intense Pictorial & Informational Memory
Facial Detox: Structured Face (Unisex)
Reverse Time: Anti-Wrinkle (Facial Unisex)
Mood Control: Let Go of Depression
Mood Control: Strive Under Pressure
Circle of Positivity: Invite Positivity Into Your Life
Have Your Revenge
Penis Enlargement Full Session
Money Generator: Attract Money Into Your Life
Warrior Mode: Be Fearless
Grow Straight, Long & Silky Hair
Breast Enlargement Full Session
Fat Blaster: Develop Sculptured Abs (Unisex)
Skin Lightener & Dark Spots Corrector (Unisex)
Have Flawless Skin (Unisex)
Hourglass Killer Figure!
Have Mesmerizing Face Dimples (Unisex)
Fuller & Shapely Legs
Breast Lift: Have Perfect Perky Breasts Full Session


Mind Position (MP) services are a series of, professional binaural-stimuli mp3's designed to help YOU be the person you want to be.


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