One Quite Minute

The One Quiet Minute Module is a comprehensive social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum that targets Common Core Standards as well as specific SEL goals that are becoming increasingly popular in many states across America.  This multimedia kit includes a semesters worth of teaching resources that provide the foundation for attention skills, impulse control, self-regulation and other gateway skills essential for school readiness and early academic success.

The module contains everything needed to support skill acquisition from introduction to mastery and generalization, including:
Introductory Video
Practice-Along Song
Fill-in-the-Blank Song
Background Music
Extended Response Time Songs
Lyrics and Picture Book (31 pgs)
Instruction Book (18 pgs)
Workbook (40 pgs)
Generalization Strategies (25 pgs)

This complete program guides students through a step-by-step process that begins with the engaging introductory video and practice along songs, which are well suited for circle time and individual instruction.  Once familiar with these initial activities the Lyrics and Picture Book, Workbook, and Generalization Strategies can be used to expand concept development with a wide range of detailed lesson plans and printable visual supports that include related literacy activities, games, art projects, and more.

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