Miles of Color Portrait Editing Tutorial 1.0

It's finally here! The Miles of Color Portrait Editing Tutorial! This Photoshop editing course is geared towards beginners and intermediate photographers, however editors of any caliber are sure to learn new methods after editing alongside Miles of Color. The two hour editing course covers everything you need to implement portrait editing techniques in your own photos today! 

What You Will Learn:

- How to Crop for Better Composition

- Understanding Poor Lighting and How to Fix It in Post Production

- Basic Light and Color Adjustments Using Lightroom or Camera Raw

- Coloring with Camera Calibration

- How to Use Groups In Photoshop to Organize A Large PSD File

- How to Layout Photoshop for Better Productivity

- Using Frequency Separation to Retouch

- Using Frequency Separation to Remove Distractions

- Implementing the Brush Tool to Dodge and Burn

- How to Make Objects Glow Using the Brush Tool

- Compositing to Add Fantasy Elements

- Advanced Adjustment Layers for Exposure and Vibrant Coloring

- Adding and Blending Overlays

- Using Camera Raw for Final Adjustments

- Fine Art Sharpening and Grain

- Export Settings Geared Towards High Instagram Quality


What's Needed:

- Photoshop (preferably the latest version)

- Lightroom (optional)

- A Computer to Edit On

- 2 Hours of Your Time :)


What's Included:

- Miles of Color Portrait Editing Tutorial 1.0 Video

- Raw File for Practice

- Overlays and Supplemental Images to Complete the Edit

- Frequency Separation and Sharpening Photoshop Actions

- Text Document with Install Instructions