Live Stream Ticket + Audio recording

- PRINTABLE TICKET, access to the live stream show. This ticket also looks excellent if you want to give this ticket as a present!
- AUDIO RECORDING OF THE LIVE SHOW. Audio recording of the show. This will be delivered to you within two weeks after the show. You will recieve an email with a download link to mp3 / wav files in February 2021.

If you want to support and know there will be several family members joining the audience, you can buy additional bonus tickets on one go.

It's been a long journey, altough it feels almost like yesterday when I just released the and things started to happen.  All the adventures online, trips and gigs around the world, all the music that we've made and indeed the wonderful people I've met along these years. To celebrate it all, we're putting together a stream retrospectacle show. A proper one!
I'm most happy  you're with me on this one!

31st of January 2021.
Helsinki 19:30 UTC +2
Universal Time Zone / London 17:30 GMT UTC
Frankfurt 18:30 UTC +1 hour
New York 12:30 UTC -5 hours
Los Angeles 9:30 UTC-8 hours

Take part of the live stream if you can. You can also watch the show as many times as you want during the following 7 days .

I'm not going to reveal you the setlist, I want to surprise! I can tell that the show will include tunes from Guitar Shred Show era, greatest hits from all the albums. There will be some rare tunes that we haven't played in a looong while. And we got a couple of new tunes from the next album!
We've been working on this setlist from quite a while, excited to get this show running!

The stream concert production will be something else! We're setting up a gigantic 9 meter wide half circle screen. Animations will be surrounding us.
And then we're planning something special, we're trying to pull Mr. Fastfinger out of the screens to jam with us on the stage!
The venue has a solid net connection and all technique needed to provide you a quality show.

Stream and screen master - Jokke Heikkilä
Light master - Aleksi Hakala
Audio master - Junde Hietala
Video photographer master - to be announched
Animations and screen graphics - Mika Tyyskä

Drums - Thomas Törnroos 
Bass - Lasse Rantanen
Guitar - Mika Tyyskä
Cartoon Guitar - Mr. Fastfinger

Ticket prices include 10% alv / vat tax.