Instant Money Mind Movie

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This fantastic video is designed to manifest money into your life with minimum effort. Instant money mind movie uses theta brain waves and positive affirmations with a more penetrating subliminal style. All affirmations in this program are positive and are designed to relax and impress upon the subconscious mind money and abundance to rapidly manifest your dreams. I have used money and other wealth images along with theta brain waves, ocean waves and stunning chill-out music that will connect directly to your subconscious mind. This is a very strong program whose persistent use will achieve wealth and a much more positive state of mind. Please note that using headphones will give you the best results from theta brain waves.

Watching this video is the correct way to bring more wealth into your life. Persistent use will bring your dreams to life quicker and more effectively.

NOTE: The hip-hop soundtrack of the previous version is NOT present inside this new release. Instead of Drake - Up All Night you will be hearing Ruxpin - In Form Of A Bird I Met My Creator ( The movie is also recoded in 1920x1080 format with 16:9 aspect ratio.

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