Leisure Luxury Lifestyle Mind Movie

Watch the demo here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ujQDFJgBINVl/

Alternative download link: https://gum.co/TMrT

"The 3 L's" (Leisure Luxury Lifestyle) subliminal reprogramming movie is about living a luxurious lifestyle, and loving the finer things in life, and how it feels to attract money, wealth and luxury in the present; to be in the moment with your wealth.

Program yourself for prosperity in just minutes a day! Individual results vary, and depend on a number of factors, but most people begin noticing positive changes in their lives within 30 days. Sooner, and later, has been reported, but almost everyone can "feel something" the first time they watch this magnificent video.

Plant the seeds of attraction and manifestation quickly and easily! Transform your life in a few relaxing minutes a day! Effortlessly raise your vibrational level to a more positive frequency, and watch money and the finer things in life starting to materialize.

While watching "The 3 L's" subliminal reprogramming movie, you:

- See powerful, crystal clear images of wonderful, relaxing, luxurious life circumstances, presented like a slideshow (luxury cruise ship scenes, gourmet meals, getting pampered with SPA treatments).

- Barely see words and phrases flashing at about 30 frames a second, planting the seeds of positivity and abundance deep into your subconscious mind.

- Hear dynamic, yet serene music, harmoniously blended with the soothing sounds of water.

- Don't hear, or barely notice subliminal audio further accelerating the positive programming and manifestation of wealth and luxury into your life.

- Build wealth consciousness while enjoying a daily "virtual SPA" session in front of your PC, smart TV or tablet.

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