I Am Alive Subliminal Sessions Bundle (Audio MP3 Pack)

Alternative download link: https://gum.co/bBdwx

Listen to the tracks here: https://soundcloud.com/midirium/sets/i-am-alive-subliminal-sessions

The package contains ALL 13 "I Am Alive" MP3 subliminal programs.

Take advantage of this limited offer and enjoy the new you in 21 to 63 days of intensive audition practice!

The files are archived with WinRAR software in a self extracting module, so all you have to do after the download completes is to click and wait for the content to extract automatically. Enjoy!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not listen to these sounds while operating machinery, potentially dangerous equipment, performing potentially hazardous activities or driving. People with epilepsy should contact their medical practitioners if they wish to use the frequencies. Please understand that I cannot provide medical or psychological advice. My audio files are multifunctional and may be able to help you, but it’s not a “miracle cure”. Please DO NOT replace your prescribed medication or any other form of treatment without first consulting your physician. If you decide to try out the frequencies, please contact your medical professional and ask about sound therapy.

WARNING: By purchasing content from here you agree not to leak/re-sell the content.

This MP3 subliminal pack will guide you into a deep state of relaxed suggestibility. This means your subconscious mind will be open to the positive suggestions that are embed on each track. Repeated use will allow these suggestions to sink deeply into your subconscious mind and take root. After a few weeks or months you will begin to notice positive changes in your life, your surroundings and your outlook.

The seried combines 3.5Hz Delta Binaural Beats with 7.83Hz Schumann Resonance Monaural Beats for Total Body Healing and Wellness.

The Schumann Resonance (Earths Vibrational Frequency) 7.83Hz has been shown to Regenerate DNA.

3.5Hz Delta Waves have been associated with Whole Being Regeneration and Full Body Healing.


To get the full benefits out of these sessions it is imperative that you read and follow a few simple instructions first.

1. Find a place to lie down and relax in where you wont be disturbed.

2. Listen to with headphones on.

3. Try to listen to the session twice a day. The best times are before you sleep at night and on waking in the morning.

4. Try to create in your mind positive visualizations of what you want. This will make the sessions more effective.

5. Use everyday twice a day for a period of 4 weeks. After that - as little or as often as you need.

You can pick any desired program to begin the reprogramming process. The track's length varies between 10 and 20 minutes long, with different ambient sounds at your own choice. So, even if you are a beginner or and advanced user of subliminal programs and no matter how familiar you are with the meditation process, there will always be at least one program you can select from the series that fits each of you.

Once you found the program that doesn't bother you in any way, you can use it as many times as you like during the day, but NOT at work, behind the wheel or when you walk. These meditations requires a comfortable spot for relaxation, no strong background noises and a pair of good quality stereo headphones. Please adjust the volume to a decent level of supportability.

Do not use subliminal programs from different creators at the same time!