What is 4wingStudios?

Ten years ago, I decided to offer a custom service, where you get the goals, and suggestions, and even images, that you yourself want and choose. I think this is a much better approach, truly, and is the most effective way to get the results that you desire.

What you get from me, is a 10 to 30 minutes, custom made subliminal movie, with your own suggestions and affirmations randomly embedded on the screen, and images of your choice that relate to your own goals and aims.

As regards artwork, you can e-mail me any pictures that you would like included in your movies. I would very strongly recommend that you send me your own photo/picture (in digital format as .jpg file), so that this can be used in the movie, especially right at the beginning. The reason that this is so important, is that your own subconscious mind can clearly see that these subliminal messages, suggestions and images that are being flashed before it, relate clearly to you, and are associated definitely with you, and so it knows then that these are changes that you want to make to you.

With my subliminal programming tools, you will begin to:

- Start re-wiring and building new neural connections so that your brain is wired towards achieving your goals.
- Communicate your goals directly and deeply into your subconscious mind.
- Increase your levels of motivation and energy towards achieving your goals.
- Eliminate unhelpful and unproductive behaviors which are obstacles in the path to goal achievement.
- Realize, and believe, and feel, that you can now achieve these long dreamed of goals.
- Be focused on achieving your goals, as you may never have been focused before.
- Feel your confidence in your abilities growing.

What you will get is a custom subliminal programming movie, starting on 10 minutes in length, which must be watched every day (ideally, once in the morning and once in the evening). Once you have ordered this custom product, it will take around a week to produce, and you will then be able to download it online, from a link sent to your email address.

This movie will have affirmations and suggestions of your own choice, built into it, to flash subliminally throughout the movie. The movie can also have images of your choice, as well as ideally, and highly recommended, your own picture, or even variety of pictures (enjoying yourself with friends, or having fun while out socially), which can then also be 'built in' to the movie, personalizing it, and making it unique to you.

Make a choice for a positive change in your life now! Stop postponing actions to complete your desires because intelligent, formless, shapeless matter can't wait until you will be opened to new paths of universal knowledge, when thoughts and words become things.

Take this opportunity to improve different aspects of your life that you're not pleased with and let's make a move forward!

These all-in-one stunning tools will quickly weed your subconscious of useless paradigms and will imprint instead new beliefs and habits destined to attract wealth, prosperity, success and abundance.

You can place your order via email ([email protected]) or via form (https://t.co/0gN67NPkKs).

Discover all my social media accounts, YouTube channels, websites and more: linktr.ee/midirium.

Another happy customer means another day of happiness in my life.