Before reaching out to me for any questions please refer to frequently asked questions below. If your question remains unanswered and other inquiries feel free to hit me up through the Contact page.

  1. Why is MIDIGrade sold with subscription?
    • The subscription model is there to cover prolonged maintenance & support going into the future. Meaning it's ok to cancel the subscription whenever you like and keep using the latest version you'll have then. Please be advised, for maintaining the functionality it might be better to not update your DaVinci Resolve further after your support has expired. By staying subscribed you support the work that continually goes into developing MIDIGrade (1000+ hours and counting), and help guarantee the updates continue rolling out in the future.
  2. Where is my contoller?!?
    • I’m afraid you have misunderstood the product description. MIDIGrade is only the software-part of the equation and you will need to purchase Midi Fighter Twister separately from wherever you can find the best deal from. MIDIGrade Lite in the other hand doesn’t require anything else than the keyboard you already use.
  3. Does MIDIGrade work with Resolve 15 or older versions?
    • Latest MIDIGrade release version 3 works with DaVinci Resolve 16 only. If there will be enough demand I can investigate bringing support for older Resolve versions but for now only the latest major release will work. If you are running macOS High Sierra or Mojave you can still get MIDIGrade 2.0 (available here) but it won’t work on macOS Catalina or Windows.
  4. Will you make my screen resolution available?
    • Unfortunately the answer is no and here’s some background why. Creating support for a single resolution means hand-picking over 500 individual coordinates and after that there’s the process of rigorous testing and I need to make sure the coordinates work in the future, too. Over the years I have noticed most of the systems are focused on a limited amount of screen resolutions anyway, so I decided to limit MIDIGrade 3 to cover just the 6 most common ones. This means the total amount of values needing of baby-sitting is still over 3000, but by limiting the amount I’m making sure the workload doesn’t get totally out of hand and I am able to roll out future updates and bug fixes much faster. This is also a step towards focusing on higher quality over quantity.
  5. Is the mapping customisable?
    • No. So far I haven't found any practical way to enable users to customise the mapping, but if you have a strong feeling a specific change could make it better feel free to let me know. User feedback has greatly affected the mapping before so I love hearing out all ideas.
  6. Can I use MIDIGrade together with a color grading panel like Blackmagic Design Mini Panel or Tangent Wave?
    • Yes! Because MIDIGrade doesn't have to be enabled as a controller in Resolve this leaves you with the option to add another controller alongside with it. You can even manipulate them both at the same time as shown in this video with MIDIGrade and Tangent Ripple together: https://youtu.be/Wy4Pbs9Fibs
  7. Can I use MIDIGrade on multiple computers?
    • Please see Terms page.
  8. Why Midi Fighter Twister?
    • Upon creating the first iterations of MIDIGrade in 2016 I had already seen different solutions people had been building upon other MIDI controllers but none of them were as user-friendly, compact sized and intuitive to use as I envisioned. Midi Fighter Twister by DJ TechTools is initially a product built for DJs by DJs and the beauty of that is this controller is built like a tank, is incredibly reliable and has tons of hidden features. Also, since the turnable knobs perform as clickable buttons as well as you can toggle between different menus, you basically minimise surface area required for the same amount of functions as a bigger controller could bring you right there. Midi Fighter Twister was also chosen thanks to its 4x4 knob layout which works wonders with DaVinci Resolve’s functions and makes it easy to memorise them.
  9. Will MIDIGrade work with other MIDI controllers?
    • At the current state the simple answer is no. MIDIGrade is custom-built from ground up for Midi Fighter Twister only. This targeting to a specific controller enabled the performance to be highly fine-tuned so you can expect great responsiveness and reliability; adding support to other controllers would mean compromising on these aspects.
  10. Can I turn multiple knobs simultaneously?
    • That’s a no. MIDIGrade is based on taking advantage of virtual mouse control and moving your cursor lighting-fast in pixel-perfect manner. Since your cursor cannot be in multiple places at once this renders adjusting two settings simultaneously impossible. There is an exception though with Color Wheels where you can adjust a single Color Wheel’s two axes; with Blue you can adjust the X-axis and with Red the Y-axis making it perform just like you’d have a control surface with trackerballs.
  11. Can I use Resolve’s free version with MIDIGrade?
    • Yes! Both free and Studio version will work.
  12. Will you make MIDIGrade work with other software than DaVinci Resolve?
    • Unfortunately no. MIDIGrade has been in development for over 4 years and I still don’t consider it “done”. There would be way too much work involved in creating support for any other software.
  13. Does the Midi Fighter Twister controller work when plugged into a USB hub?
    • Yes! I use mine plugged into a 4-port USB-C hub all the time. You can even purchase a USB-C cable and use it that way. Please note though! When updating the Twister’s firmware don't connect Midi Fighter Twister via a hub because that may cause damage to your controller.
  14. Is MIDIGrade Windows compatible?
    • Yes! Please see MIDIGrade for Windows in the product listing. There’s also MIDIGrade Lite for Windows if you’d prefer to use your keyboard to control DaVinci Resolve.
  15. How future-proof MIDIGrade is?
    • Started in 2016 with Resolve 12.5 and in 2020 with Resolve 16 still going strong. Color grading and developing this tool are passions of mine and I am committed to releasing updates and managing support as long as I can. MIDIGrade has been broken completely before (2.0) by the software it was running on not being updated to support latest macOS version, but even then I found a way to work around that and so version 3 was born. The story is not finished yet and I still have new plans in mind…

Last updated on June 2020.