This Reflexology is Manual will allow you to start training others straight away.  As long as you have 6 months experience you can use this manual and it will guide your students through the course.


·         Course Details P4

·         Aims of the course P5


·         What is Reflexology? P6

·         Benefits of Reflexology P7

·         History of Reflexology p10


·         The effects of Reflexology on the systems of the body p15

·         Reflex areas and their associated system P18

·         Salon Treatment area and Hygiene P19

·         Client Consultation p21

·         Record Keeping P22

·         Assessing the Feet P25

·         Contra-Indications P27

·         Contra-Actions P29

·         Aftercare P30

·         Equipment and Products P31

·         Structure of the Foot P33

·         Mapping of Reflex Points P34

·         Techniques P38

·         Preparing for the Treatment P40

·         Reflexology Routine P41

·         Insurance P45

·         Hygiene, Health & Safety P46

·         Business Practice for Complementary Therapies P49

·         The Business Plan P50

·         What Happens Next? P62

·         To gain your certificate P63

·         Contact Details & Recommended Reading

·         Self-Assessment