GUITAR 1988 - 80s Style Guitar (50% OFF YOUTUBE SPECIAL)

Do you want to learn that classic, totally awesome, 1980's guitar style? Get GUITAR 1988 now and start shredding today!

Return to the days of big hair, T-top camaros, and neverending guitar solos!

This full program includes instructional videos + TABs + Backing Tracks!

This is the latest instructional program from Max Carlisle of the Guitar MAX YouTube channel. This program is designed to develop the techniques and style that defined 1980s guitar playing. Fans of guitarists like George Lynch, Warren Demartini, John Sykes, Paul Stanley, Slash, Glen Tipton, K.K. Downing, Akira Takasaki, Eddie Van Halen, Gary Moore, Michael Schenker, and other iconic 80s guitarists will love this program!

Videos can be downloaded or streamed!

In addition to teaching you 80s style guitar licks and techniques, GUITAR 1988 will also teach you how to write 80s sounding guitar riffs, and even how to achieve a classic 80s guitar tone!

GUITAR 1988 is broken up in 20 different sections, each one talking about a different technique or topic.

These topics include:

- Tapped Harmonics
- 80s Guitar Tones
- Classic 80s Pentatonic Rock Licks
- Pick Tapping and Slides
- Rapid Fire Pulloff Techniques
- Tremolo Picking Sequences
- Alternate Picking Shred Patterns
- Blues Scale Shredding
- Extended Fretboard Techniques
- 80s Riff Writing Concepts
- Single and Open String Licks


These are the HOTTEST 1980s licks around!!

This program also covers practice technique, and the importance of taking a snack break.

In addition to the videos and tabs, this program also includes 12, 80s style backing tracks!

This program is perfect for building a classic shred, and hard rock lead guitar skill set.

Hop in the time machine and start learning today!