Guitar MAX Backing Tracks - Rock and Metal Collection! 33 Tracks!

The Guitar MAX Rock and Metal backing track collection!

This 33 track selection, taken from the full 55 track collection, features a variety of Metal and Rock backing tracks ranging from Classic Rock to down tuned Metal!

This package has been specifically designed to help you develop and advance your improvisational playing and soloing techniques in the Rock and Metal genres!

Full Track List:
1. Mr. Blues in Rock Town
2. Lynch Rock
3. Jake's Riff in A
4. Hard Driving in F sharp
5. Fly The Deadly Skies in A
6. Eddie Goes Crazy
7. Rockin with Dokkin in A
8. Old School Speed Metal in E
9. Neo Egypt in E flat
10. Metallic Metal in E
11. Metallic Metal 2
12. Malmsteen's Jam in E flat
13. Euro Power in E
14. Malmsteen's Revenge
15. Classic Alpha Rocker
16. Badass Metal in E
17. Headbanger Rock
18. Drop C sharp Metal Machine
19. Ultimate Drop D Metal
20. Punk Attack in E
21. Classic Power in D
22. ACDC Rock in A
23. Power Metal in D
29. Dirty Rock Groove in E
30. Dirty Rock Groove in G
31. Grooving in A
46. Fly The Deadly Skies in A (Extended)
47. Jake's Riff in A (Extended)
50. Grooving in A (Extended)
51. Lynch Rock (Extended)
52. Malmsteen's Revenge (Extended)
54. Old School Speed Metal in E (Extended)
55. Rockin with Dokkin in A (Extended)