GUITAR SCALE COMMAND - Full Program (Videos, TABs, and Backing Tracks)

If you want to massively expand your knowledge of scales and finally break out of being trapped in single positions on the fretboard, then this is the program for you! Guitar Scale Command teaches you a wide variety of scales, and how to play them all over the guitar fretboard.

Full package with instructional videos + TABs + Backing Tracks!

Don't be limited to just a handful of basic scales. TAKE COMMAND of the guitar fretboard with Guitar Scale Command!

Created by Max Carlisle of the Guitar MAX YouTube channel, this guitar instructional program is designed to help you master a wide variety of scales including:

Pentatonic Scale (inluding all positions and Pentatonic Major)
Traditional Blues Scale
3 Note Per String Blues Scale
All Modes of the Major and Minor Scales
Harmonic Minor
Phrygian Dominant
Dominant 11 Pentatonic
Japanese Pentatonic
Hungarian Minor
Single String Scales
Diminished Scale / Arpeggios

And more!

GUITAR SCALE COMMAND is presented in 4 chapters:

- Chapter 1: The Pentatonic Scale and the Blues Scale! First well cover all of the positions of the pentatonic scale, and how to combine them. After that, we cover the Blues Scale and show how to play it in multiple ways.

- Chapter 2: Major and Minor Scales, Modes, and Relative Scales!
Learn all the modes of the Major scale (and what modes even are!), plus important exercises on how to connect all the different positions of the Major and Minor scales, as well as how to quickly find Relative scales.

- Chapter 3: Exotic Scales!
Move beyond the traditional with scales like the Dominant 11 Pentatonic, Japanese Pentatonic, Hungarian Minor, Diminished patterns, Phrygian Dominant and more!

- Chapter 4: Octaves, Single String Scales, and More!
Here we get into some key points on how to mastering moving around the fretboard. I'll also show you a great riff writing technique that will help you to never run out of guitar riff ideas!


Every scale and sequence shown in the program is transcribed and detailed in the included guitar tab PDF file!


GUITAR SCALE COMMAND includes 3 backing tracks that are perfectly selected for you to practice the program's scales and sequences to. In chapters 1 - 3, I demonstrate playing to these same backing tracks.

Scale Knowledge is Scale Power! Download GUITAR SCALE COMMAND now!