Matt Darey Remix Experience

Spend 2 days in the studio with Matt Darey making your own remix of one of his many classics.  Choose any Matt Darey release from Lost Tribe - Gamemaster, Matt Darey ft Marcella Woods -  Beautiful or Liberation or more contemporary releases like One More night In Stars or See The Sun.  A once in a life time experience for music lovers out there.  

Whether you wanna be just "Executive producer" and bring in your own reference tracks and ideas with Matt at the helm or get more involved in the intricate side of producing a finished track, its your call.  

The first music lovers to take on this experience were the "Samuels brothers" remixing their all time favourites from Matt Darey.  They already have plans to come back from more.  Their remix turned out so good it features on the Retrospective album.

The experience:

* In the studio with Matt Darey to work on remixing any classic of your choice.
* You will receive a lossless WAV master of your remix and it may even be released by Matt Darey on the forthcoming album "Retrospective Remixed scheduled for early 2020.
* Receive an autographed souvenir. Vinyl or CD of a Matt Darey classic track.
* Location:  Chigwell, Essex, UK. 
* 2 days typically 9am - 5pm, Dates to be mutually agreed)
* Accomodation & transport not included.
* All enquiries to [email protected]