Journey to Joy - Vol. 2

Volume 2 includes clips such as:

Honor Yourself
Birth Right 
Breath it In 
Universe Responds 
More Fun 
Human Nature 
Secret to Share

“Journey to Joy” is a collection of inspirational, insightful, and powerful audio messages by Mary Lynn Ziemer, along with soothing music. Each volume of "Journey to Joy" contains 15-20 inspirational messages, each about 1 minute long. As you consistently listen to these messages, you will feel fully immersed in a sense of calm. You will notice how your love tank begins to feel fuller and fuller, until it's overflowing.

This collection allows you to have a convenient, downloadable file which may be used as a meditation, daily motivations, or as a background track while you're running, walking, or driving. Those who are using JoyBreaks have not only noticed how much better they feel throughout the day, but have reported significant, positive life changes in their work, relationships, and health.